What is touch screen technology?what are the uses of touch screen technology?

July 28, 2022

What is touch screen technology?



A touch screen technology is the assembly of a touch panel as well as a display device. Generally, A Touch screen is an electronic visual display capable of detecting and locating a touch over its display area. This is generally referred to as touching the display of the device with a finger or hand.

A consumer can give input through simple touch gestures by moving the screen using a special stylus otherwise fingers. In some kinds of touch screens, some normal otherwise gloves are used which are coated to work properly whereas others may simply work with the help of a special pen.


One may define a touchscreen as an input and output device that is typically layered atop of an electric visual display system capable of processing information. It enables users to input or control the data and information through either a single or multi-touches using a specified stylus or finger.


Certain touchscreens require the use of regular or specially coated gloves in order for them to function, while others simply need some sort of special pen or stylus. Depending on the kind of touchscreen, users can also make changes to what is being displayed such as enlarging the text font using a zooming feature.

Touch screen devices like kiosk touchscreen also facilitate direct interaction between users and what is being displayed, eliminating the need of a touchpad, mouse, or other such devices.

Touch screens are used in different devices like personal computers, game consoles, EVMs, etc Touch screens are also essential in educational institutions like classrooms in colleges.




The advantages of touchscreen technology include the following.

· Easy to Clean and Maintain

· Engaging and Interactive

· Self-Service Feature

· Keyboard and Mouse are not required

· Speed and Efficiency

· Mobility and Space

· Durability and Resilience

· Easy User Interface




The disadvantages of touch screen technology include the following.

· The display of the device has to be large to operate the screen properly

· The display will get dirty

· These are expensive as compared to normal devices

· Indirect sunlight, it is less efficient to read the screen

· Battery life is low due to the big bright screen and uses massive computing power

· Accuracy & Feedback

· Issues on On-screen Keyboard

· Issues due to Sensitivity

· Screen Size

· Accidental Dialing


What are the uses of touch screen technology?


The applications of touchscreen technology include the following. Some examples of touchscreens like smartphones, a tablet or a computer & POS devices.

· All-in-One computer

· Touch screen printer

· Ticket machine

· Arcade game

· Tablet


· Car GPS

· Smartphone

· Signature pads

· Camera

· POS machine

· Car Stereo

· Medical equipment

· Cash register

· Large interactive screen

· Digital camcorder

· In-flight entertainment screen

· Laptop

· Handheld game console

· E-book

· Grocery self-checkout machine

· Kiosk

· Gas station

· Sewing machine

· Fitness machine

· Electronic whiteboard

· Factory machine


The touch screen is supported by most computers Acer, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, and other PC designers. And also, some high-end Google Chromebooks use touch screens.

Thus, this is all about an overview of touchscreen technology. The main reason to choose this technology instead of physical buttons the manufacturers are; these are instinctive, particularly to younger generations of users. By using this technology, the devices can make smaller. The design of these devices is cheaper. In touch screens, different technologies are used to let the operator operate a screen. Some technologies use a finger whereas others use tools such as a stylus.

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