What is a smart display?

July 7, 2022

What is a smart display?


Smart displays are effectively smart speakers with touch screens attached to the LCD display. They offer the same hands-free voice assistant features as smart speakers, letting you play music, check the weather, and control your smart home devices just by talking. But the touch screen adds a whole new level of information and control on top of that. When you want to play music, you can see album art or watch the song's music video. When you want to check the weather, you can see upcoming temperatures and conditions for the week at a glance. When you want to control your smart lights, you can tap or slide your fingers to dim the touch screen to just the level you want.

What a smart display can do

Smart displays, as we said, give you the functions of smart speakers, but with a visual component. You can ask your smart display questions, and it’ll answer them, just as it will perform actions you ask it to with voice commands.

The LCD display is also with a Capacitive touch screen, so if you want that kind of control or don’t want to memorize a ton of voice commands, you can use the smart display that way as well.

If you have a security camera that’s smart, or smart home compatible, you can pull up footage from the camera using a smart display. This can allow you to look over your property just before you go to bed at night, or it can allow you to check footage that’s been recorded over the course of the day.

Your smart display can show you videos, so you can follow along in a YouTube tutorial and pause the video when necessary with just a voice command. You can play music videos, to get your favorite song playing and add a fun visual component to it.

Smart displays also can show you your calendar, so you can see your appointments for the day and plan accordingly. It will also show you the weather, so you can dress appropriately for your day and be prepared for things like rain far in advance.

You can also look at beloved family photos, or have a recipe up on the touch screen while you prepare dinner. You can even video call your loved ones and see their faces as you talk.

If you like smart speakers, a smart display has all of its functions with the addition of a Capacitive touch screen that gives you even more to do. It’s an upgrade and a great hub for your smart home should you want to start adding other devices to your home (or if you already have them and want new ways to utilize them).

There are slight downsides to smart displays when compared to speakers. For example, smart speakers can be placed anywhere in a room and be useful, while you need to be near the smart display screen to enjoy the visual component. And smart speakers are often much cheaper, which is important if you’re trying to build your smart home on a budget.

But if you’re looking for an easy display for your home security or a virtual helper you can activate with your voice or with touch, you should seriously consider getting a smart display.

Smart Home Benefits

Lower utility bills: Manage home devices and appliances, and optimize power usage, thereby reducing energy costs and practicing social responsibility.

Faster healthcare response: Immediately alert healthcare providers about accidents or quickly send them physiological measurements electronically.


Accident prevention: An emergency notification is sent via mobile devices to residents and property management representatives, alerting them of the potential danger.

Ease of use: Easily manage health, remotely control home appliances, and access security monitoring services through a variety of simple screens accessible on touch screen displays.


What can Reshine provide?


Reshine TFT-LCD display modules are available in various sizes,such as 1.77", 2.4”,2.8" ,3.2”,3.5”,4.0”,4.5”,5.0”,5.5”,6.0”,7.0”,8.0”,10.1”,10.4”,11.6”,12.1”,13.3”,15.6”,19” and 21.5” TFT LCD for smart home displays.These TFT LCD modules are including options of TFT panel, TFT LCM with controller board, industry standard TFT LCM, TFT color display, and wide operating temperatures of -20°C to +70°C or -30°C to +80°C,and also Higher brightness or wider viewing angle displays.

Many Reshine TFT display modules have more than one interface available including MCU, RGB, TTL and LVDS as well as two touch panels optional in resistive and capacitive technology.


Reshine’s lcd displays are wildly used in smart home,car navigators,home security systems,POS, medical devices, table advertising machines,industrial measuring instrument, industrial control systems,HMI devices,game player machines,detectors, and so on. Please contact us freely if you are looking for a perfect LCD display with a custom Capacitive touch screen for your new Smart display design.